6 Six Pack Snacks

Who said snacking was bad? Well if its the fried kind then it probably is. Here is a list of snacks that you NEED to have to build a strong core a.k.a six pack abs. Research has shown that regular snacking keeps cravings in control and prevents over eating at the dinner table. Have a combination of these everyday for a complete meal:

1. String cheese

Packed with protein, string cheese is probably one of the best fat to protein ratios. Choose the skim variety and this will keep the fat to the minimum. This is a highly recommended source of protein for six packers.

2. Peanut butter

Have your crackers with peanut butter. It is good source of protein and fat. Good peanut butter tastes so good all you need is a spoon to have some. But feel free to spread some goodness on a pice of whole wheat toast, dip celery sticks for a whole hearted snack.

3. Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This might sounds like your mom, but apples contain essential nutrients and are also a good source of natural sugar. When you have a choice between apple juice and apples, stick with an apple. You really don’t know what been added to apple juice.

4. Nuts (Almonds or cashews)

Nuts are probably the easiest source of good fats and proteins right out of the bag. Stick to a handful per day and the “no salt” variety. Consuming too much salt makes your body retain water. Choose between almonds or cashews, whatever your preference is and enjoy a good dose of healthy fat!

5. Crunchy veggies

There is specific reason for eating “crunchy” veggies. And that is to trick your mind into thinking that its the same crunchy fried food (chips, fries) that it craves. It takes a whole lot longer to consume the same amount of calories in a medium portion of fries!

6. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is an excellent source of protien and the chocolate helps boost your energy level right after a workout. Keep it to one a day and you can fix your chocolate cravings as well as provide your body some extra energy.

Small changes make up a big difference end of day. Eating these snacks for a six pack could reduce your wasted calorie intake from anywhere between 300 to 600 calories. Happy snacking!

Remember – A balanced diet along with a strong regimen of the best ab exercises can get you the ripped abs you have been longing for.

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