Hello, My name is Nate, and I write stuff on Perfect10Abs.com!

I created Perfect10Abs.com to give some hope and inspiration to people who are struggling to get a flat stomach or six pack abs. Like many people, I tried everything from reading ab books and men’s magazines, using ab exercise equipment, watching cheesy 3 minute ab workout DVD’s, spending countless hours at the gym, and obsessing over everything I ate.

This inspired me to create a collection of the best advice for getting six pack abs, so that other people wouldn’t have to go through the trouble that I did.  After I discovered the best advice, what worked, and what didn’t work, getting a 6 pack was actually a lot easier than I ever imagined.

Here is a little more on my background.  I am a regular guy. I have a regular day job like many of you, and I work on this website in my spare time. I work as a software engineer, so I’m sitting at a computer all day without much opportunity to get out and be active.

I remember looking in the mirror one day while I was getting ready for work and noticing that my pants were getting tight. I turned to the side, and my stomach was hanging out over the top of my pants! I was mortified! I didn’t know how or when it had happened!

I have always been “average” and never really cared about staying in shape, but my sedentary lifestyle and diet of beer, pizza, and late night poker had gotten the best of me.

I immediately started researching everything I could about getting a flat stomach. I got caught up in wanting to look like Brad Pitt, and I got frustrated that it wasn’t happening.

After I had tried everything under the sun, I noticed that just a few things really worked for me. Here is my Top 10 list of things that really helped me achieve a six pack:

  1. Following advice from the best abs books I could find:  The Truth About Abs, The Abs Diet
  2. Learning to cook at home without reheating something frozen
  3. Using South Beach frozen  foods when I had no time to cook at home
  4. Cutting back on beer and liquor and replacing it with a glass of red wine
  5. Increasing my protein intake with whey protein shakes to help increase my muscle mass
  6. Regularly taking vitamins and getting enough sleep
  7. Giving myself a “cheat” day on Saturdays where I could eat anything I wanted
  8. Tracking what I ate on a daily basis but not obsessing over it
  9. Tracking body fat and muscle mass using a body fat scale and calipers once a week
  10. Learning that moderation is the key to success in everything:  ab exercise, diet, and life!  🙂

After I put all of these things together, I was finally able to achieve a six pack in just under 8 weeks!

As the famous saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.”  After I learned that I could not spot reduce  the body fat that my abs were hiding behind, I spent a lot of my spare time learning to cook and eat healthy. The new diet was the biggest change for me, and it went hand in hand with the  new ab exercise routine.  Cooking and staying fit are now two of my biggest hobbies.

It is really true that you have to make this a lifestyle change to stay committed and maintain your great results. This is the number one reason why diets and ab exercise routines fail.  They are seen as a short term band-aid fix.  You need to make this a personal goal that you are willing to stick to and hold yourself accountable for to be successful.

In conclusion, I want to say that I really appreciate your visit Perfect10Abs.com, and I hope that you have found simple, easy-to-follow advice and motivation to get out and start getting in great shape!

Please remember that any product I recommend or any advice that I give you is sincere and without bias. I have truly tried it all and do not want you to go through what I did.  I wish you the best of success in your quest to get perfect abs!

If you like the advice I have shared with you, be sure to tell a friend, keep visiting my site, sign up for my weekly newsletter, subscribe to my RSS, and follow me on Twitter. Your continued support as a reader helps keep me motivated in my own fitness journey! All the best!

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