How To Get Six Pack Abs

Have you ever seen ripped guys in the gym running on a treadmill for 40 minutes five days a week? Uh …. no. The reason guys with actual six packs do not do the popular  “recommended” cardio routines is because they have the know how for what it takes to reveal their six pack. They are usually by the weights pumping some serious iron and jump on a treadmill twice a week for some quick but very effective cardio routine. Getting six pack abs is more about technique than mindless running or inefficient exercises

The following are the most effective Ab exercises that burn fat, build muscles and tone your body for the perfect abs.

Note: Warm up before you attempt any of the following exercises. It greatly reduces the risk of injury.

1. Interval Training – Cardio Workout

Get it done and get out – Interval training is a high intensity, low time frame running routine that targets fat burn and decreases muscle loss. A typical interval is 30 seconds of running and 30 seconds of walking for a total of 10 minutes.Your running should be in the higher bracket of your threshold. For example, running for 30 seconds at around 85 percent of your peak will ensure optimal performance. Any faster and you’ll burnout, and any slower and you will not be burning as much calories and fat.

Ideal Schedule
: Any day when you are not doing weight training. Interval Cardio training could have a negative effect on your weight training so it is best to do these on days that you do not weight train.

2. Weight training

You ab workout will never be complete without a medium to high intensity weights routines. Gaining muscles helps you metabolism at rest and keeps burning fat long after you have left the gym. One of the ideal ways to train the full body is to split your workout days into focusing  on upper and lower body.

Ideal Schedule: Three days a week E.g. Monday-Wednesday-Friday

3. Full Body Workout

Full body workouts are a great way to compensate on days when you don’t have the time for targeted exercises. A typical full body routine helps you get most muscles in one swoop. Here are some great examples of full body exercise that will keep you toned and your abs in top shape

Squats plus dumbell

As the name says it all try this exercise will work your upper and lower body simultaneously. This also works the cardio angle. This work out is great to get a major workout in one cool swoop. Dont worry if you dont have dumbells. You can also carry a heavy book or something equivalent to achieve smililar results.

Ideal Schedule
: Any day when you miss your workout

4.  Core Ab Exercises

Crunches. No surprises here, but the one thing that I have seen to be greatly effective in bulding core strength is adding a medicine ball into the equation. Do your crunches with a medicine ball and your abs will thank you for that. The instability makes your muscles work harder and in turn producing excellent results. It is ok (actually better) to work your abs just once a week. The above mentioned exercises are more important for overall abs that actual crunches!

Ideal Schedule: Any day when you miss your workout

Try these simple but effective best ab exercises and tips. Add them to your work out and you’ll have a perfect body ready in a matter of weeks.

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