Motivation To Exercise

Getting out of your house can be a great way to get motivated for some exercise and exercise is good for abs and weight loss in general. Working out is not always easy, especially on those days when you just don’t feel like it. But, take advantage of the great outdoors to get you motivated to workout for a refreshing workout. There are many great exercises for the out doors, but my top three are the following

1. Biking

Whether you’re trying to reduce green house gases or just trying to get places, you can never go wrong riding a bike. You can hit the trail morning or evening for a cool cruise and a good workout. Make sure to pace yourself to avoid burnout and watch out for potholes! Remember to wear your safety gear so you can be safe. Biking is a great full body exercuse. It  works many muscle groups such as your leg, calf muscles and also your abdominal muscles. Tighten your abs for best results when riding. This abs exercise is a keeper.

2. Running

A good run is one where your lungs burn and make you feel like you’ve earned your meal end of the day. If you live by the beach, try running bare foot on the sand. Running on the sand massages your foot as well. If you’re running in urban areas, make sure your iPod is turned down so you can hear whats happening around. Now, running everyday can go against your goal for a six pack, so limit long runs to one or two days a week. Interval training is best when you’re  goal is to get six pack abs.

3. Swimming

Not everyone has access to a swimming pool. But for those who do, use it! Swimming is te least impact exercise you can perform. It is also one of the best full body exercises around and works almost every part of your major muscle group.  Make sure your weight form over speed. In swimming, form counts a lot! Swimming helps lose overall body fat with an excellent cardio benefit. This is a vevry good abs exercise. Also, swimming has the least impact on your joints and bones. This can be and exceptional exercise in case you have a knee problem.

I hope you find these tips useful and motivational. Six pack abs exercises are not always just crunches but these other great full body workouts. Make sure you perform all exercises in moderation. Now, find the best ab exercises to meet your fitness goals, and get out of your house!